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if there's one thing to know about me, it's that i like to have fun

I love hanging out with friends, going out to the bars, dancing around my kitchen while I cook breakfast, reading in bed, hanging out at a coffee shop all day, tearing up the dance floor at every wedding, making dumb tiktoks, going on spontaneous road trips – quite literally anything that involves having fun. 
That’s why I’ve made it such a pillar of my business to have fun – because it’s a hugeeee part of what makes me, me, & I want to share that joy & laughter & experience of having fun with all of my clients! 
While I am extremely passionate about having fun in both my work & my personal life, that’s not the only thing I’m passionate about. Nothing inspires me more than real connection & new experiences. Being single & in my 20s, I have SO much time to devote to this business, & a huge part of running this business is being able to constantly create new connections with people while experiencing new things! I am able to be completely myself & have found such joy in connecting with people who relate to me in so many different ways.
But what’s funny is that I never dreamed of being a wedding photographer. I honestly thought being a photographer sounded too complicated & like too much work when I was young & I just enjoyed taking photos on auto. Fast forward to my senior year of high school, & I fell in love with it. I dove headfirst into learning all about photography & decided my main goal would be to be fulltime by the time I graduated college in 2021. Never in a million years did I imagine I’d be attending weddings every weekend, capturing the most important moments of people’s lives. I thought I was just a lazy person – someone who was allergic to hard work & commitment. 
But it turns out, I’m just meant to be an entrepreneur. I’m meant to live a life created completely by me & my own dedication. I’m meant to be my own boss. I’m meant to serve others with my gifts & skills I’ve developed. I’m meant to create art for people & for myself. I’m meant to show YOU how beautiful you are & how beautiful your love with your partner is. 
Will I be a wedding photographer for the rest of my life? Who know?! But for the present time, I am embracing every bit of this career & loving every second. My goal is to always remain true to myself & help you do the same. 
So if you’re looking for a photographer who is unapologetically themself & pushes you to be your authentic self, you’re in the right place. I don't want to force you into poses that aren't you. I don't want you to feel like you need to act a certain way or play a part to get good photos of you and your person. I truly truly want you to be YOU! & the best way for me to set that standard is by being completely myself when i'm working with you. 

So if you're a little bit weird & ready to have a wholeeeee lotta fun, then hit me up & let's get to working together! 


If you want to know even more about me...


Long solo road trips

Watching the sunset on the beach

My stanley cup


Getting dressed up cute just to go sit at the coffee shop

Sunday afternoon grocery store trips

Facetiming my besties

The "What We Said" podcast

Deep talks with people I just met

Driving through the mountains while I blast my road trip playlist

Visiting a new city & immediately walking around downtown until I find a cute coffee shop

Finding an ice cream shop that sells dairy free ice cream

Lake Michigan

Thrifting my entire wardrobe

Dressing like an 80 yr old man

A rooftop bar with an amaro spritz in hand

some things i love




"Morgan is the absolute BEST!! She did both our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures. I literally could not love her work more. Our search for a wedding photographer was long. When I came across Morgan's work I just knew I needed her to be apart of our big day. The work she puts into her photography screams on high volume. She guarantees you get exactly what you're looking for and makes all your visions come true. She's so professional, easy going, and such a blast to work with. I can't wait to book her again!!"

"I cannot rave about Morgan enough! She took me and my Fiancé’s engagement photos and I have her booked for our wedding as well. Working with her felt like hanging out with a friend that you’ve known forever. She made us feel comfortable and confident! She has a way of capturing the love between the couple in front of her. I am obsessed with the work she did for us and I’m looking forward to working with her in the future! I would recommend her (and have already) to ANYONE looking to have a great experience with photos that you’ll love forever."

If you've been debating on getting pictures with Morgan here is your sign to absolutely DO IT. I chose to get pictures with Morgan because her work is truly unique and no matter who she is taking pictures of, "photogenic" or not, she is able to show the best side of them. I went in worried about being awkward and uncomfortable, but I can tell you from the second we stepped out of our vehicle it felt like we had known Morgan forever (it was our first time meeting). From start to finish the session was fun, full of laughs, and making memories I will forever cherish. The process is painless and the programs she uses are extremely user friendly. I cannot say enough amazing things about Morgan and her business. We will be going back to her for all of our photography needs!!

We booked with Morgan because her style is so unique and so adventurous and let me tell you SHE DELIVERS! We got so many great photos! She captured every bit of fun we had together during our session and made everything soooooo natural. I would do it 100 times over and over again. Hands down the best photography experience I have had. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how our photos turned out